post your items or services on Paycat and sell it for Crypto

About Paycat

A decentralized marketplace

Where user can utilize their crypto to buy or sell goods and services.

decentralize messaging.

Enabling peer-to-peer encrypted communication between user during their transaction.

A secure payment mechanism

when you buy an item on Paycat using crypto, the funds are hold in a smart contract and will be release to the seller only when you receive and approve the service.

Certik Certified

The Smart contract in charge of the marketplace payment mechanism and all the other smart contract integrated in the Dapp will be Audited by Certik.

Ultimate decentralize Marketplace.

PayCat, the ultimate crypto usecase

The objective of the Paycat Dapp is to provide a solution for crypto holders to be able to use their coins directly on our platform to purchase goods and services, eliminating the need to transfer them to a centralized exchange (CEX) where they will have to convert them into fiat currency before transferring to their bank account, thereby avoiding associated fees and government taxes. On the Paycat platform, users can post items or services for sale and accept transactions in the cryptocurrency of their choice, or they can buy items using their crypto. Paycat also offers users the possibility to chat while doing their transaction, and to transfer crypto currency to each other.

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How to use Dapp

Use MetaMask, Trust Wallet or any other decentralize wallet to connect to the Dapp. Your wallet public address will be used as your UID on PayCat Dapp.

Once connected, you will arrive on your dashboard where you will have to set your username and your profile picture (an NFT for example).

Once your profile is configured, you can then propose your service or items to PayCat user. You can also request for a professional account badge if you are a professional seller.

Paycat offers the possibility to use a wide range of token from two blockchain to do a transaction. BNB and BUSD for Binance blockchain, and WBTC, ETH, USDT and USDC for Ethereum Blockchain.

Submit your offer and your good to go.

Connect your Wallet to the Dapp in order to be able to buy a service or to chat with a seller.

On your Dashboard, set your profile picture and your username and you're good to go.

Once connected, you can Seach the item/service of your need with the help of search bar or the filter (where you will be able to select your country, and the category of what you need). Once you find what you need, you can then discuss with the seller to get more info before you do the payment.

Select the crypto coin that you want to use for the payment. and submit the payment. the crypto will then be transfer into the smart contract waiting for you to approve the delivery of the service. after you approve the transaction, this will trigger fund transfer from smart contract to seller wallet.

If the buyer receives the service and doesn't approve the payment or the seller receives a command but doesn't do the delivery, the paycat team will trigger the arbitrage mechanism and the fund Hold in the smart contract will be directed into the right wallet between (only between seller or buyer’s wallet according to the situation). The seller must submit the delivery receipt if the product is a physical product so that we can track package.



Token Information
Token Name : Paycat
Network : Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
Contract Address :


Token Ticker : $PCT
Max Supply : 100,000,000 $PCT
Sell Tax : 4% (2% Marketing, 1% Development, 1% liquidity)
Buy Tax : 2% (1% Staking reward, 1% Development)
Token distribution
Fair Launch : 32%
Liquidity : 20%
CEX Listing : 10%
Marketing : 8%
Staking Reward (Lock) : 10%
Dapp Development : 5%
Community Airdrop : 2%
Token Burn : 13%



Our main objective will be focus on the Dapp adoption in order to bring value to our investors. this is our guideline for success.

First Phase

  • 1. Market Research
  • 2. Dapp Development
  • 3. Website development
  • 4. Community Building
  • 5. Dapp testing on Testnet (ETH & BSC)
  • Second Phase

  • 1. Smart contract development
  • 3. Pre-launch marketing Campaign
  • 4. Fair Launch on pinksale
  • 5. Huge Marketing
  • Third Phase

  • 5. Patanships with crypto influencers
  • 2. CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 3. Dapp deployment on Mainnet
  • 4. paycat Staking Enable
  • 5. 3000 Holders
  • Fourth Phase

  • 1. MEXC Listing
  • 2. OKX listing
  • 3. babydogeswap listing
  • 4. BitGet Listing
  • 5. 10000 Holders
  • Final Phase

  • 1. Dapp Android app development
  • 2. Dapp IOS app development
  • 3. Dapp massive promotion
  • 4. 500.000 Dapp active users
  • 5. 100.000 token Holders
  • .



    Our Team

    Paycat achivement for team member hardwork


    CEO & Support Engineer


    Marketing Manager


    Blockchain Engineer


    Web Developer


    Paycat token fundamental Important question

    Fair launch is available on pinksale : Click Here

    The token will be availble on Pancakeswap for trading : Click Here

    Yes we will do everything possible to have a fast listing on CMC.

    Yes, the Dapp is completely functional.

    Yes, we will do a 20% airdrop to the 100 first fair- launch buyers. this will be our way to thank them for helping us get the project going.

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    A decentralized marketplace Dapp with a crypto payment and Peer-to-Peer messaging integration